Bailey & Chris's Elegant Halloween Wedding at Oatlands

When Bailey and Chris first contacted me about their Halloween wedding at Oatlands Plantation, I may or may not have jumped with joy. What a cool idea! I’d never done a Halloween wedding before and I couldn’t wait to see what they (along with Waverly Road Events) had planned. Bailey insisted that it would be more of an “elegant” Halloween vs. a “cheesy” Halloween and I think they pulled it off. She wore the most adorable striped orange tights that complimented Chris’ striped orange socks and accessories and she even wore a custom made cape when it got cooler in the evening! (Seriously, how cool is that?!) Some of the guests got in on the fun by dressing up and the kids that attended were entertained by a game of Trick or Treat (table to table of course)! They incorporated black chairs and linens and hand made paper flowers for the tables from old scary story books. Chris’ boutineer was made from extra fabric from Bailey’s dress and Bailey had hand made flowers as well. Chef’s Table catering had a signature cocktail from a “boiling cauldron” for guests to enjoy and a candy corn inspired orange ombre cake topped off everyone’s night deliciously.

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Venue: Oatlands Plantation

Event Planner: Waverly Road Events

Caterer: Chef’s Table Catering

Haley & Keith's Intimate Wedding at The Carlyle Club

Haley & Keith shared a personal and intimate ceremony among their closest friends and family at the Carlyle Club in Alexandria last Fall. The art deco themed club was the perfect spot for their event with vintage flair and style. I adored Haley’s custom beaded bolero and thought Keith had some serious swagger in his top hat. The blue and silver decor was a stunning and vibrant color palette that carried through to an absolutely stunning cake. Sweetface Events was on site to ensure every last little detail was perfect (and it was)!

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Venue: The Carlyle Club

Wedding Planner: Sweetface Events

Sarah & Mark's Korean Wedding at the Grand Atrium

Mark and Sarah were an incredibly fun couple that contacted me remotely, from NYC, for their Korean style wedding in Vienna, VA at the Grand Atrium Tysons Corner. When wedding day finally arrived, I met the couple at the Reston Town Center Hyatt for their photo session around the town center. Since I live at the town center, I was super excited to get a chance to photograph a beautiful couple in my own back yard! After our session, we headed to the Grand Atrium for the ceremony, which was lead by Sarah’s father and (to my surprise) completely in Korean! Mark and Sarah neglected to tell me that since everyone there knew Korean, and a fair amount of guests did not speak any English, that everything would be in their home language. I loved it, but it did make for an interesting time to figure out what was happening and when! Regardless of the language, though, one thing stayed the same: love. The love Mark and Sarah had for each other and the love that their families and friends had for them was clearly evident. It warms my heart to be reminded that Love is a universal language. 

Sarah_Mark 1.jpg

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 Venue: Grand Atrium Tysons Corner

Julia & Henri's Romantic Fall Wedding

Julia and Henri’s Fall wedding at Antrim 1844 was absolutely gorgeous. When I arrived to see Julia getting ready with her floral crown my jaw fell to the floor! All the details of this wedding were simple and romantic (which seems to me the perfect compliment to Julia & Henri’s love). As a Frenchman, Henri exuded style in his perfectly fit tux as he spent the day laughing and catching up with old friends and family. Julia, who is studying the harp, brought her harp teacher in to play some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard for the ceremony. The ceremony was simple and sweet and was followed by groups photos of loving family in the garden. I was thoroughly impressed that although it was chilly, everyone was more than happy to oblige through the list of photos the couple wanted, and even added more of their own! The night continued with some beautiful, heartfelt toasts and speeches that didn’t leave a single eye dry and followed up with more dancing and happiness before concluding with a grand “run through the sparklers” exit.

Julia_Henri 1.jpg

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Julia_Henri 19.jpg

Venue: Antrim 1844

Casual Westin Jersey City Wedding

This wedding was quite a fun evening! The Winter day was cold and windy, but the warmth and hospitality of the Westin Jersey City paired with the joy and happiness between these two warmed everyone. After weeks of traditional cultural celebrations, this celebration was their own. There was a causal vibe, but it was still overflowing with excitement and love. The ceremony featured family and close friends reading blessings and poems for the couple before they exchanged their own vows and rings. Afterward, savory aromas of delicious Indian food filled the ballrooms as everyone dined and toasted the couple. Dancing and games followed throughout the night as everyone laughed and partied the night away. 

Pamela_Dhruv 1.jpg

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Pamela_Dhruv 9.jpg

Pamela_Dhruv 10.jpg

Pamela_Dhruv 12.jpg

Pamela_Dhruv 13.jpg

Venue: Westin Jersey City