Jacqui & John: Married in Cabo!

Welcome to the beautiful Zoetry Casa Del Mar resort in Cabo!

Couldn’t you just stare at that view forever?  I know we sure could!  Thanks to Jacqui & John, we were afforded a MOST amazing opportunity to photograph their desitation wedding in paradise.  It all started when Jacqui and John booked us for their Washington, D.C. wedding.  A few months later Jacqui contacted me and was very upset that she’d have to cancel her contract.  I asked her what was wrong and she said that wedding planning had gotten out of control in D.C.  That the wedding was turning into a huge event and what they really wanted was a small, intimate celebration with close family so they’d chosen to do a destination wedding in Cabo.

Cabo?!  My ears perked up.  I was surprised Jacqui didn’t know that we also travel for weddings.  All over the US and internationally.  She was excited but wasn’t sure if she could afford it, assuming that sending two people internationally wouldn’t be cheap.  I told her that she needed to check with the rules of the resort (some don’t let in outside photographers) and if they allowed it, then we’d work out a package for them.  It turned out that as long as we stayed at The Zoetry (no complaints here!) then we would be allowed to photograph.  With that good news in tow, we spent some time working with Jacqui and John to come up with a custom travel package that fit in their budget and gave them what they wanted.  Success for everyone!

Now, I know it’s hard to peel your eyes off the gorgeousness that is the view from our hotel room, but believe me, you’re in for a treat if you check out the rest of their wedding images!  Go see!

I think Jacqui’s dress is the most romantic dress I’ve ever seen on a bride!

The girls were all wonderful!  Even brighter and more beautiful than their surroundings.

So, riding to the ceremony on horseback was an important thing for John and his family.  How awesome is that?  Guys in tuxes, riding horses, on the beach, in Cabo!

I was supremely jealous to capture this scene from Jacqui’s hotel room as Ian (see the guy with the camera?) got to ride along with John and all the groomsmen.  Seriously?!  All my 20 years of horseback riding and I’d never ridden a horse on the beach and here he gets to do it?!  (The next morning I got my wish and got to go for a ride so I felt a little better!)

Also important to the groom was to have a mariachi band.  These guys were awesome for the ceremony music at sunset.

How’s this for a walk down the aisle?

*sigh*  So pretty!

I couldn’t resist taking advantage of the amazing hotel entrance for photos.

I loved this spot for the reception.

At the end of the night, a neighboring resort set off paper lanterns.  It was magical!

Boudoir Day Recap

It is long overdue, but I’m finally able to show off a few selects from our inagural Boudoir Day!  (Not only were we were waiting to confirm permission to post but also for a few key dates to pass so we didn’t blow these beautiful ladies’ cover for their surprise gifts to their special someones.)  I can’t even begin to express how much FUN this day was.  We were able to rent an historic house in Old Town Leesburg for the day and I just love the texture, detail, and mood that the place provided.  It was the perfect contrast with the stunning beauty our clients provided. For this day, the award winning (and always awesome) Alison Harper & Co provided all of the fantastic hair and makeup styling you see.

For those of you who don’t know what Boudoir Day is let me tell you!  It is a full day of pampering with hair, makeup, and private photoshoot.  When you sign up a private party of 4 or more ladies we offer a discount rate on our Bombshell boudoir package.  It’s a great opportunity to do something different for girls night out or to throw a unique bachelorette party experience.  Seriously, what’s better than getting dolled up, hit with a newfound sense of supermodel cofidence before hitting the town with your best girlfriends?  Not much!  PLUS, you get your own CD and album of your favorite photos that you can keep all to yourself or surprise someone special with.

Now let’s get on to viewing these gorgeous ladies…

Here N. proves that you don’t have to show tons of skin to be stunning.

I was ridiculously giddy when N’s sassy outfit matched our sassy satin prop sheets.

Old houses + young beauty = perfect!

J. rocked this pose!

What a classic beauty!

M. makes beauty look effortless here.

C. is a rockstar!  Yeowzah!

 I want to say a HUGE thank you to the wonderful ladies that participated in this special day.  It was a privilege to photograph you and I hope you see how inspiringly gorgeous you all are!



Baby Love!

We’ve be so lucky to have clients that just can’t reisit coming back to us again and again!  Not too long ago, Lauren & Keith were engaged in Baltimore and then married at Veramar Vineyard in Virginia.  They came back to us for their maternity photos and again for their first family photos with baby Eli. 

Eli was a wonderful baby to work with.  Having been appropriately spoiled by mom and dad, he’s a happy baby and made our photo shoot loads of fun.

I just love this very first family portrait.  So much love!

Who doesn’t love baby feet?!

Little man got tuckered out from his big modeling debut.

Hello, Handsome!

Hello, Future Champion!  Avid Baltimore Ravens fans, Eli is going to grow up immersed in football culture.  I love this little knit hat that Lauren found for him on Etsy.  So cute!

I *heart* Reviews!

Let me tell you how much I love review time!  It’s stellar.  I’m really glad there are third party sites out there (like WeddingWire) who make it super easy for bride’s to review the vendors they used for their weddings.  Since it’s not a review directly to the vendor’s face, bride’s can speak their minds.  This is a beautiful thing for me because heaven knows I bust my tush to deliver top-notch products and services to my clients, so when I see such lovely comments left by all of you, all of the 18 hour days and 7 day work weeks feel oh, so worth it!  Additionaly, I like to think of reviews as a nice little way to “pay it forward”.  Lots of vendors can talk the talk and pour money into fancy ads that look great but at the end of the day, an honest review is a priceless nugget of information for brides-to-be.

So get to spreading the good will around.  Help tell your vendors what a great job they did (or where they need to improve) and help brides everywhere learn from your experiences!

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Here are a couple inspriation nuggets to keep you satisfied, too!

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Aaron & Christiana's Glen Echo engagement

Can I tell you how much we loooove taking engagement photos?  Really.  It’s the best.  We get to go out to some fun place, goof around with our super cool clients for an hour or so, get to know what makes them tick, and in the process, create some beautiful images for our clients to keep and cherish forever.  It’s really a blast, and this engagement session with Christiana & Aaron was no exception!

This artsy & creative couple came to us through our awesome wedding planner friend (Pam Rothwell of LaBlanc Designs).  At our first meeting it was clear how in love they were.  Their energy and bubbly personalities were infectious and we couldn’t wait to take photos at a spot near & dear to their hearts; Glen Echo.  Check it out!