The power of boudoir.

One genre of photography I thought that I would never get in to would be boudoir.  Like most, I think I had the misconception that it was “only for hot chicks”, or “that’s kinda racy”, or at the very least, that I would never feel comfortable telling women strip down like that.  Well, I must say that a former classmate of mine, Elisha, changed that all for me. 

I met Elisha in the early 2000’s at Edinboro University were both enrolled in the applied media arts: photography program and have always been drawn to her style.  Post graduation, we’ve kept in touch and have followed eachother’s careers.  She is now a phenomenal photog based out of upstate New York and St. Thomas (depending on the time of year).  I find her work inspirational and while perusing through her blog one day I noticed some of her boudoir photos.  They were stunning.  Not risque.  Not uncomfortable.  Not awkward.  They were simply beautiful.  And what struck me even more was that these were “normal” women, exuding confidence, glowing.

So I thought, what the heck.  I’ll give this a shot with her.  See what the experience is like.  And I did.

This is the photo that changed my life.  When I realized insecurities were stupid.  That all the media & fashion world BS about not being beautiful unless you’re a sample size was truly detrimental to mental health.  That I didn’t need to lose those last 10 pounds to feel “pretty”.  I wrestled with wether or not to show my own personal photo but the whole message of this article is empowerment & confidence, so why should I be shy?

This photo by: Elisha Orin Photography

Can I tell you how entirely transformative it was?  Boudoir like this; elegant, serene, beautiful rocked me to my core and I had one of those “Ah HA!” moments.  This feeling of true and utter confidence in my own skin that I gained from the experience is something I will never regret.  It is also the reason why last year I started offering boudoir sessions.  I want to show women—all women—how absolutely fantastically beautiful they can be.  Wether you’re big, small, fit, skinny, outgoing, or shy, boudoir photography can offer you an incomparable view of yourself that will truly change your life.

Last week I did a boudoir session with a woman I truly admire named Ruthie.  We met at our boxing gym and I was instantly drawn to her magnetism & wit.  Ruthie always has a snarky comment to make that can send me into hysterical laughter.  She also has some pretty awesome kids (four!)—one of her little girls could seriously kick my butt in the ring.  The last few years, she’s worked incredibly hard to get into shape and I’ve seen her make an incredible transformation.  I was overjoyed when she came to me wanting to be a part of the “boudoir club”.  She warned me that she was really nervous & “a photographer’s worst nightmare” but it was going to be a great birthday present for her (and a little bit for her hubby, too)!  

After getting hair & makeup done by some of my favorite stylists, Belle Soeur Styles, we got down to business.  Things definitely started out a little stiff—which is normal—but we started off with a cute vintage inspired, polka dot dress and as she got more relaxed and comfortable in front of my lens, Ruthie really opened up and let me capture some truly beautiful imagery of herself. 

After she saw the photos for the first time she told me “I LOVE them…I have residual afterglow from just looking at them!”  When I hear comments like this I feel so fortunate that she let me do this for her.  I wish all women would do this for themselves! 

If you’re at all interesed in booking a session for yourself, please contact me!  I also hold periodic “Boudoir Days” which offer our Bombshell package at a discounted rate and we book 4-6 ladies for individual sessions in one day.  Also, we can offer customized packages for other groups like bachelorette parties, as well as individual sessions.

Love Ruthie’s smile.  She’s rockin’ that vintage dress on the rooftops of Georgetown!

Hello killer heels!

So pretty!

Hello, bombshell!

Lauren & Keith

You wouldn’t believe my excitement when Lauren, one of our sweetest brides, sent me a Facebook message about doing maternity photos!  Between the wedding planning process, the wedding itself (a stunning one at Veramar Vineyard), and then the post wedding photo & album design process, wedding photographers (or at least myself) tend to get attached to our clients.  We feel like we’ve seen this window into such an amazing time in their lives that you can’t help but root for your clients in all that they do.  That’s why it’s even that much more special when they come back!  

Without further ado, I’d like to show off some of the images we made of Lauren, Keith, and soon-to-be-here Eli! 

Pregnant is the new skinny!”  LoL!  Love Lauren’s sense of humor….isn’t she the cutest?!

Lauren & Keith informed me that Baby Eli will be the next big NFL quarterback.  Preferrably for the Baltmore Ravens.  Make a note for your future fantasy teams NFL fans!

I couldn’t stop laughing with this one…

Custom Wedding Albums

Check out these super cool, custom wedding albums we made for our clients Kerry & Gary!  First off, Kerry & Gary are just about the cutest couple ever.  (I mean, when you’re names rhyme together, you have to be, right?!)  They had a fabulous wedding in Summer ‘11 in Pittsburgh, PA that we were lucky enough to photograph.  Since I know Kerry from college (across the hall roomies!) Kerry had us there the entire day.  Now, full day wedding shoots are great, but they definitely come with a TON of photos.  So many so, that Kerry simply couldn’t narrow down her choices into JUST one album.  She proposed the idea of a “ceremony” album and a “reception” album and I thought it was brilliant! 

She decided to mix the traditional with the modern by using a black faux leather (eco & animal friendly!) with an inlaid, acrylic cameo, and simple engraving of their names.

We really wanted to emphasize Kerry & Gary’s playful nature, so we added some engraving to the spines of the albums.  Cute, and super easy to spot on the bookshelf!

The contrasts of black and white keep this album looking sharp and timeless!

One of my aboslutely FAVORITE features of our albums is the flush mount printing.  No seams!!  This is SO great for the custom designing of layouts that we do because we can tell the story of the day with no split seams or binding gutters to worry about.   Also, the quality is so awesome, even our matte pages (shown here) are coated with a special polymer that resists finger printing, water damage, and even allows permanent marker (Sharpie!!) to be wiped off!  Seriously!

Here’s a close up of the seamless binding.  Pretty good, eh?

So there you have it!  A peek into our custom wedding albums.  If you’re curious about all the other leathers, fabrics, suedes, faux materials, shapes, sizes, and papers we have to offer, make an appointment to stop by the studio one day.  Trust me, you’ll be inspired! I absolutely LOVE to make the albums.  For me, it’s the ultimate keepsake of your wedding day.  The day ends, the food is eaten, the DJ is gone but you still have your story, frozen in time within the pages of your album.  With it, you can go back and relive that special time in your lives anytime you want!

Candy & Brian

Let me first start off by saying these photos are a product of modern technology!  Way back in the day, I grew up with Candy.  Like most things in life, we moved & lost touch.  Through the modern “miracle” of Facebook and the “people you may know” feature, we found eachother again!  We were both all grown up, and Candy had married Mr. Right and was super excited to be able to model for us.  She pulled out her own wedding dress and veil for the photos, as a reminder of their special day.  Candy models a beautiful, snowflake inspired vintage necklace from Mangan Jewler’s estate jewlery, as well as a beautiful solitare ring.  They both are showing off a classically romantic bouquet and boutineer from Shelley’s Floral Enterprise.  Belle Soeur provided the simple but elegant hairstyling and makeup, and Murray Hill in Leesburg, VA posed as the awesome venue.

Melissa & Cesar

Melissa & Cesar are an absolutely stunning couple.  They both have a serenity and beauty about them, and they just radiate with happiness.  Melissa models a striking haltered gown and Cesar a classic tuxedo, both from Annalee’s Formals in Ashburn.  Their classic, yet modern “polka dot” bouquet and boutineer from Bergeron’s Flowers add a dash of spunk to their classic look.  They both model wedding rings from Mangan Jewlers and Melissa is wearing some beautiful and versatile earrings from Mangan’s that can be worn both as a post AND a little drop heart earring.  Belle Soeur provided the elegant updo and makeup to complete the look.