Samantha & Tim's Colorado Engagement

I can’t tell you how much fun I had with Sam & Tim (and their huge fur babies Tank and London) for their enagement session! It was a beautiful day to explore around the Tihsreed Lodge in Florissant, Co. I had done some winter portraits at Tihsreed a few months ago and when Sam told me she was hoping for an engagement session location that celebrated the Colorado mountains and potentially had some awesome turning colored Aspens for Fall, I thought of Tihsreed.

These two highschool sweethearts are so easy going and super sweet with eachother that I couldn’t stop smiling the whole session. Check out their gorgeous photos (complete with some of the most awesome alpenglow I’ve ever seen on Pikes Peak!) and leave them some love in the comments below!

Jess & Lindsay: Guanella Pass Adventure Engagement Session

Jess and Lindsay met by chance when Lindsay was on a business trip. Lindsay happened to grab drinks at the same place Jess was at. They noticed eachother immediately and chatted but never got eachothers numbers! But as fate may have it, they both ended up in the same place again, a week later, and in Jess’ words “we’ve been inseparable ever since”!

I mean, basically the universe brought them together and said “here ya go!” and when they didn’t listen, the universe was like “no seriously…HERE YOU GO!”

With a love of exploring, and hiking with eachother (and their fur babies Tucker & Delilah) we had a fabulous time adventuring around Colorado’s stunning Guanella Pass early one Sunday morning. From mountaintops at 11,600+ feet to ice melt river rapids to aspen tree groves, we celebrated their love, adventure session style.

Check out their session below and leave them some love in the comments!

Summer and Tim: Oatlands Historic House and Gardens

Hold up, Lisa! You JUST posted an Oatlands wedding the other day, right?!”

Yup! You’re right! A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending my entire weekend at Oatlands. Between weddings and rehearsals, and more weddings it was one fun filled weekend in Leesburg for me! What was awesome about it though was that each wedding was so different! I love the diversity of Oatlands and both wedding ceremonies and receptions were in completely different parts of the gorgeous property.

For Summer and Tim’s wedding, the theme was “You Give Me Butterflies”. Butterflies were everywhere and it was gorgeous! Just wait until you see Summer’s custom created dress that was just FILLED with butterflies! (Seriously, my jaw dropped and it took me a good 10 minutes to pick it up off the floor after seeing this dress.) The couple exchanged heartfelt vows in the gardens before joining their guests for a truly romantic night of dinner and mingling under the canopy of historic trees and starlight.

Check out all the romance and beauty below and leave some love for Summer and Tim in the comments below!

Jenna & Ross: An Oatlands Wedding

I met Jenna and Ross just a few weeks before their wedding. Yup. That’s right. A few weeks! Most couples book around 9-12 months out from their wedding, but Ross just recieved orders from the Marines and they just so happend to be on the complete other side of the world!! Given the burden it would be for their family and friends to celebrate with them if they had to travel, they decided to make it happen just two weeks before they had to leave. Jenna and Ross are living proof that with a little help from your friends, family, and vendors, you can pull together a beautiful celebration in no time at all!

Check out their gorgeous day below and leave them some love in the comments!


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Ashley & Jason's Maroon Bells Adventure Session

Wow oh, WOW am I excited to share these gorgeous images with you! When Ashley suggested Maroon Bells, just outside of Aspen, Colorado as a possible adventure session location, I nearly jumped the moon! As the most photographed spot in all of Colorado, it’s a sought after location for reasons that will be obvious as soon as you start scrolling through!

Now you may be asking yourself, what is an adventure session? Well, it’s born from an engagment or couples session, but it’s done in a place that’s far mor epic than just a nice neighborhood park. It’s also a session designed around things you like to do as a couple, whether it’s hiking, biking, rafting, rollerblading, rock climbing…really whatever it is you guys love to do as a couple, we’ll go do it and document it with some pretty killer photos! (If you’re interested in booking your own adventure session, shoot me an email!)

In Ashley and Jason’s case, they have a huge appreciation for the area they live in and they love spending quite time alone in the gorgeous parks Colorado has to offer. Although we kept the session low key, I couldn’t have had more fun exploring the area and seeing some pretty cute visitors along the way (some marmots and deer made appearances as we hiked).

My favorite part of the session though might have been when Ashley was talking about when she first met Jason. She said from right away she knew she wanted to hold on to him because she could instantly tell what a good soul he had and he was most definitely “one of the good ones”. Aw! I love hearing how much couples appreciate eachother to the fullest and these two definitely do! Check out their photos below and leave them some love in the comments while you’re at it!