Susanne & Wes: Adventure Time!

Words can’t express to you how happy I was that these two won my free adventure session giveaway from a local bridal show in Boulder, Colorado recently. In the hundreds of people you meet in a day at these shows, Susanne & Wes stood out in my memory because they had such a great energy when we spoke. They were fun and chill, and best of all they spoke to me about how they didn’t want a large wedding and they really wanted to focus on giving back to the community they love in Colorado. Which is why after their small wedding ceremony they’re planning on spending the rest of their wedding day volunteering and helping out! SO awesome!

So when it came time for me to draw names out of the hat, I couldn’t have been more excited that their names popped out. It was even more adorable after I emailed to let them know the response I got from Susanne was: YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! I’m so excited that I had to run a few buildings over and just about tackle Wes out of his chair.” Totally made my day.

After much thinking on what would be a great adventure that would represent something the two of them love doing together, we finally settled on skiing. The two actually met on a group ski outing so it couldn’t have been more perfect of an activity to celebrate their engagement. Thankfully, Mother Nature gave us a jaw dropping gorgeous blue bird day to help in the celebration and I think you’ll be able to tell from the photos below, we had an aweome time. Check out their photos below and don’t forget to leave some love in the comments below for Susanne and Wes!

PS: I’m available for adventure sessions anywhere, anytime! Reach out today to start planning yours!

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