Jess & Lindsay: Briarwood Inn Wedding Golden, CO

Jess and Lindsay’s day didn’t start off quite how they planned, the torrential rain all day long threw a bit of a monkey wrench in that! After much wishful thinking and hoping (and tons of analyzing radar screens on smart phones) they decided to bring the ceremony indoors at the cozy Briarwood Inn. The staff and friends and family all pitched in to transform the dining room. They even found a way to hang the 1,000 paper cranes that Jess and Lindsay folded together before the wedding to perfectly adorn the ceremony space.

Ultimately, the day ended up wonderful and I felt honored to bear witness and record the love between these two and their friends and family. I think it’s so awesome that two these two incredible people met by chance while Jess was on a business trip in North Carolina. They didn’t get eachother’s numbers after they had talked all night and parted ways which I think made the Gods of Fate a little peeved that these two didn’t get the message because they brought the two together again a few weeks later when Jess went back to the same restaurant on another business trip! That time they got the hint and it was the start of something beautiful.

Please leave your love and congrats for Jess and Lindsay below after you check out their awesome sneak peak photos!

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