Jess & Lindsay: Guanella Pass Adventure Engagement Session

Jess and Lindsay met by chance when Lindsay was on a business trip. Lindsay happened to grab drinks at the same place Jess was at. They noticed eachother immediately and chatted but never got eachothers numbers! But as fate may have it, they both ended up in the same place again, a week later, and in Jess’ words “we’ve been inseparable ever since”!

I mean, basically the universe brought them together and said “here ya go!” and when they didn’t listen, the universe was like “no seriously…HERE YOU GO!”

With a love of exploring, and hiking with eachother (and their fur babies Tucker & Delilah) we had a fabulous time adventuring around Colorado’s stunning Guanella Pass early one Sunday morning. From mountaintops at 11,600+ feet to ice melt river rapids to aspen tree groves, we celebrated their love, adventure session style.

Check out their session below and leave them some love in the comments!

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