Ashley & Jason's Maroon Bells Adventure Session

Wow oh, WOW am I excited to share these gorgeous images with you! When Ashley suggested Maroon Bells, just outside of Aspen, Colorado as a possible adventure session location, I nearly jumped the moon! As the most photographed spot in all of Colorado, it’s a sought after location for reasons that will be obvious as soon as you start scrolling through!

Now you may be asking yourself, what is an adventure session? Well, it’s born from an engagment or couples session, but it’s done in a place that’s far mor epic than just a nice neighborhood park. It’s also a session designed around things you like to do as a couple, whether it’s hiking, biking, rafting, rollerblading, rock climbing…really whatever it is you guys love to do as a couple, we’ll go do it and document it with some pretty killer photos! (If you’re interested in booking your own adventure session, shoot me an email!)

In Ashley and Jason’s case, they have a huge appreciation for the area they live in and they love spending quite time alone in the gorgeous parks Colorado has to offer. Although we kept the session low key, I couldn’t have had more fun exploring the area and seeing some pretty cute visitors along the way (some marmots and deer made appearances as we hiked).

My favorite part of the session though might have been when Ashley was talking about when she first met Jason. She said from right away she knew she wanted to hold on to him because she could instantly tell what a good soul he had and he was most definitely “one of the good ones”. Aw! I love hearing how much couples appreciate eachother to the fullest and these two definitely do! Check out their photos below and leave them some love in the comments while you’re at it!

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