Casual Westin Jersey City Wedding

This wedding was quite a fun evening! The Winter day was cold and windy, but the warmth and hospitality of the Westin Jersey City paired with the joy and happiness between these two warmed everyone. After weeks of traditional cultural celebrations, this celebration was their own. There was a causal vibe, but it was still overflowing with excitement and love. The ceremony featured family and close friends reading blessings and poems for the couple before they exchanged their own vows and rings. Afterward, savory aromas of delicious Indian food filled the ballrooms as everyone dined and toasted the couple. Dancing and games followed throughout the night as everyone laughed and partied the night away. 

Pamela_Dhruv 1.jpg

Pamela_Dhruv 2.jpg

Pamela_Dhruv 3.jpg

Pamela_Dhruv 6.jpg

Pamela_Dhruv 5.jpg

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Pamela_Dhruv 12.jpg

Pamela_Dhruv 13.jpg

Venue: Westin Jersey City

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