Megan & Matt's Historic Hilltop Wedding

Megan and Matt are two of the most loving people I’ve ever met! Their fun and kind spirits are infections and it’s impossible to not see just how much their friends and family love them. To start their day off they rented a castle house (seriously, it has a turret!) from Air BnB for both of them to get ready and have their private first look. After that we headed to their entirely unique venue, Patapsco Female Institute. They chose to have a casual ceremony (lead by their ordained friends who just happened to be the couple responsible for getting the two of them together!) on the steps of the ground’s ruins as their loved ones gathered around. The evening continued with dinner and dancing under the stars as everyone laughed and smiled the night away. It was a perfect day!

Megan_Matt 1.jpg

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Venue: Patapsco Female Institute

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