Angela and Brad's Romantic Vineyard Wedding

I just love low key, romantic weddings. Angela and Brad picked a beautiful new venue, Faithbrooke Barn and Vineyards, to celebrate their vows and it couldn’t have been more fun and filled with love. Angela’s uncle married the two under an arbor overlooking the vines and the celebration carried on into the stunning new barn made just for events. The bridal party was full of enthusiastic members who insisted on tossing our bride in the air for good luck. The food was great & the speeches sweet & heartfelt before I was able to scoop up the couple for some beautiful sunset photos with the Blue Ridge Mountains behind them. After that, I was in awe of how many people at this wedding could cut a rug! The dancing was nonstop, save for a brief song where Brad and his brothers serenaded Angela with an amazing rendition of Righteous Brothers “That Loving Feeling”.

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Venue - Faithbrooke Barn and Vineyards

Getting ready/Accomodations - Mimslyn Inn

Linens - Everything Linen

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