Love & Basketball: Nicole & Marc engaged!

When Nicole first approached me about her engagement session she wanted to know if I’d be willing to shoot indoors. They hate the cold and their neighborhood’s clubhouse had some really cool architecture so she wanted to do a session in there. She sent me a photo of the space and she was right! It was super cool and I was definitely down to photograph them in it. She was relieved becasue she said it was so hard to find photos of indoor sessions so she wasn’t sure how it would go. I reassured her that it would be awesome, and I think it’s safe to say (as I toot my own horn) that I was right! I just LOVE these photos! I had such fun getting to know this couple (who says they’re shy but totally warmed up in front of me so I don’t believe them!) and doing something different than the norm. I especially loved how they wanted to incorporate Marc’s love of basketball into the session. So much fun! Check out a few of my favorite images below!

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