Vendor Spotlight: Sweet Blossom Cakes

OH MY! Let me tell you this: you have not lived life fully until you’ve had a slice of Sweet Blossom Cakes’ delicious confections! Truly. The artist & baker behind Sweet Blossom is Tatyana and I’ve known her for around two years now. I can tell you with confidence that her culinary and decorating skills are some of the best I’ve seen in the industry in nearly a decade. Of course, because of that, I just had to interview her and enlighten my readers (and hopefully help them in their quest for finding the perfect wedding treat)! Take a look at what she had to say and then get ready to hold on to your tummies! You’re going to be positively starving for cake after you check out the photos of her work!

Q: How did you get your start in weddings?

A: I was doing birthday and event cakes for years and my friend asked me to make her wedding cake, it turned out very beautiful!

Q: Why did you want to be involved in weddings?

A:  A wedding cake is the centerpiece of that event and its a lot of opportunity to use my creativity, imagimation and tell their story in this cake.

Q: What is one unique thing that your business brings to the table?

A: My perfectionism and attention to detail comes across in my realistic sugar flowers. Also, taste! I use the best ingredients and recipies to ensure that everything tastes as good as it looks!

Q: What inspires you?

A: When I have a meeting with couples I ask them to bring anything what they want incorporate in their wedding cake. Its could be fabrics from bridemades dresses, flowers, invintation cards, gown lace etc.

Q: What are the top services that your company provides?

A: Wedding and other event cakes, cupcakes and minicupcakes.

Q: What is your best piece of advice for couples?

A: To cut the cost of wedding cake get the guest list under control! The price of everything is based on the number of guests that you have. Don’t be afraid to bring up your budget with your baker or other vendors. I would rather have someone tell me how much they’ve been planning on spending up front rather than finding out after we’ve gone through the design process that the cake
we’ve worked out is beyond their means.

Q: What is your most frequently asked question?

A: How far in advance I bake my cakes. You’ll get a cake that was baked from scratch, never from mixes. I will generally bake the cakes two days before the wedding, frost and get them ready for assembly the day before, and finish with decorating on the day of the wedding and assembling at the reception site.

Q: What is a realistic budget for your services?

A: My cakes starts $6.00 per servings and goes up depending on design.

Q: In regard to wedding cakes, what is the most important piece of information that you wish all couples knew?

A: To make sure their baker is licensed, insured & has good standing with the state’s health inspector. It is something I take very seriously and my clients can rest assured knowing that they’ve hired a responsible professional who isn’t going to end up giving their guests food poisoning!


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