Kat & Geoff: George Washington Masonic National Memorial

When Courtney from A Sweet Soiree came to me saying she had the perfect clients for us, I was super excited. When I actually met Kat and Geoff,  I was jumping for joy because she was right! Kat and Geoff started talking about all their plans for having one massive, kick butt party that included amazing details, their mastiffs (named Amstel & Miller, ha!), amazing friends and family, a party bus (complete with a “dancing” pole, LOL), and a ceremony that processed to the Game of Thrones intro theme music into the epic Masonic auditorium and had my photo imagination drooling.

Recently, I was making some new sample albums for our upcoming exhibiton at A Capital Bridal Affair and I had to share the album I made of their wedding. Enjoy!

spread 01.jpg

spread 02.jpg

spread 03.jpg

spread 04.jpg

spread 05.jpg

spread 06.jpg

spread 07.jpg

spread 08.jpg

spread 09.jpg

spread 10.jpg

spread 11.jpg

spread 12.jpg

spread 13.jpg

spread 14.jpg

spread 15.jpg

spread 16.jpg

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