Natural Bridge, VA: Ruth & Trevor

How many people can say they tied the knot at one of the natural wonders of the world? I’m betting not too many, though Ruth & Trevor are now among the lucky few!

When I first met Ruth & Trevor it was through my dear friends Sarah (one of my old Apple co-workers) and her husband Bill. They told me about their wedding plans (which included hiring my favorite DJ, Chris of Sound Wave Entertainment) I was way geeked out. The Natural Bridge is an amazing place and given their love (and mine!) of traveling &  the outdoors I knew this was a perfect match on all fronts!

Getting to Natural Bridge was a fun trip down the highway, just a few more hours south of here in southeastern(ish) Virginia. The beautiful Blue Ridges were a great scenic backdrop, the trees and the forest kept my imagination buzzing while I stared out the window.  Much to my surprise I was startled by a sign that said “Foamhenge”. Really?! Seriously?! I’d heard about this place decades ago and had no idea it was less than a mile from Natural Bridge! I made Ian pull over so I could get a better look. After climbing to the top of a small hill, there it was in all it’s styrofoam glory; a lifesize, to scale, completely detailed model of Stonehenge. Instantly my brain was firing with ideas for photos. Ian just rolled his eyes at me and reminded me it was supposed to rain the next day during the wedding. I didn’t care. It was going to work because I said so!

We got to the hotel, checked in with Ruth and Trevor letting them know we all got there safe and sound then headed down to the bridge for the rehersal. The ceremony would be held under the bridge, because really, from up top, you’d never even know what magnificence lies underneath. It’s truly a hidden wonder. A small creek runs through the canyon and lulled my senses into this magical wonderland. The acoustics were awesome. The light was perfectly shaded (yay). The backdrop was beautiful. Ruth and Trevor were as giddy as school kids, excited to be getting married. The whole experience was humbling.

Check out the photos below:

Ruth is patiently waiting for the rain to stop. Cool as a cucumber!

The men make a dramatic entry to the ceremony.

Still a bit of a sprinkle when Ruth headed to the ceremony. Ever the awesome planner though, she thought ahead and purchased colorful umbrellas. She told me if they were going to have to use umbrellas in the photos, she at least wanted them to look pretty.  Good call!

They recessed to a sea of Terrible Towels in honor of Trevor’s Pittsburgh roots.

Puddle of Love

The Blue Ridges are gorgeous.  Hard to believe the used to be as tall as the Rockies thousands of years ago.

 And….ta da!!!  Stone-er—-Foamhenge!

For good measure we threw a barn in there too. Everyone loves a barn. Especially a blue and white one!

Ruth & Trevor’s reception details were awesome! They spent so much effort and it shows! I love the poster of their wedding that they had comissioned, the escort cards were sweet & creative, and lights behind the dessert/cake table?! Yes!! LOVE!

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