An Ode to Albums

I have to say it.  Albums are just about my favorite thing ever!  Whatever they are, they never fail to fill me with that nostalgic excitement about looking back on fond times.  And when it comes to wedding albums, it’s even more true! 

Couples getting married pour their hearts and souls into their weddings—often planning for years!  They do the research.  The personalize it.  They want to tell THEIR story.  They want to make it unique.  They want their personalities to show.  They want their guests to have fun.  They want their vows to mean something.  Most of all though, they want a day they can remember forever.  A day when their life was “perfect” (or as close to as one can get!) and every pain staking choice they made over the last year and a half came together to tell their love story.

This is where albums come in.  They immortalize that day.  They consolidate a couple’s vision into a cohesive timeline, a dialogue, a story.  No matter what comes of life, you can open them and transport yourself back in time.  Memories are prone to fuzzy patches, but photographs and albums can serve as our “refresher” and help us relive those joyous moments.

I get absolute joy out of retelling our clients’ love stories.  I love helping them pick out the photos.  I love helping them pick awesome covers that suit their personality & wedding.  I love designing the pages so that they tug at their heart strings with every turn of the page.  I want them to never want to put it down!

Yesterday, Hans & Katie’s album was delivered.  I ran to the doorbell like a banshee (my FedEx email had alerted me it was on the truck for delivery!) and giddily signed for the package.  It’s like Christmas to me!  I had spent a lot of time with Katie figuring out the perfect design and I had convinced her to go a route she hadn’t originally considered so I was anxious to see how it turned out.  When I opened the box I did the happy dance because it was perfect!  Elegant & modern, yet timeless.  I had to say a thank you prayer to the Album Gods for matching me with such an awesome album maker so that I can provide my clients with the perfect heirloom that not only they can enjoy, but their families for generations to come.

Check out their album below:

Album: Locally, hand made 11x11 Album with “Sand” metallic cover wrapped in “Serena Chocolate” leather with matching storage box.  Full lay flat & flush mount printing (what seam?!) on a paneled page with square corners and a protective UV coating.

(BTW, in case you missed it, you can check out more photos of K & H’s day here.) 

Now the only question is…what will YOUR album look like? 

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