Christiana & Aaron's Vintage - Chic DIY Wedding

I’m so glad I’m finally getting a chance to blog this super romantic & beautiful wedding!  Christiana & Aaron (remember them from the Glen Echo engagement session?) were married in her family’s church but the prep work & partying were all at the historic Rockledge Mansion in Occoquan, VA.

The house is hundreds of years old and very (and I mean, very) cool.  Parts of the house are built into the hillside; or the hillside is built into the house.  I don’t know which is the proper way of describing it, but it’s pretty cool!

Christiana’s dress was simply fairy tale and stunning.

 LOVED her shoes.  And the flowers?  Yeah…the bride MADE them out of coffee filters.  How amazing & talented is she?!

In celebration of the vintage beauty this venue had to offer, I used one of my vintage lenses.  It makes me miss being in photo school terribly.  Back when I had to use 4x5 view cameras.  Those are the ones you have to set on a tripod, and go under the little curtain to frame up the shot.  Old school.  Anyway, I just love this moment Christie is having with her maid of honor helping her into her dress.  So sweet! 

With the veil, it’s real! 

All of Christie’s maids were adorable and sweet in their dresses.  And their bouquets?  Yup.  The bride made those out of coffee filters, too!

And here’s Aaron, the groom.  I got a kick out of his Star Wars storm trooper.  

The sincere happiness and love between Christiana & Aaron is awe inspiring.  I was humbled to watch the ceremony. 

Notice all the little paper stars?  Yup.  DIY!  The bride confessed to me later that there was a typo on their first round of invites, so rather than let them go to waste, they thought up to string these whimsical stars over their ceremony. 

Their centerpieces were very cool!  And their cake was sweet and romantic.  Just like them. 

This dress can move!  Christiana’s dad took her for a spin around the dance floor and put on a spectacular show. 

After that, the ring bearer showed off a few of his moves, too. 

I’d say a good time was had by all! 

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