New Baby, New Year!

This photo session would have never happened without the miracle of social media!  Back in the day (what up 1993?!) I lived down the street from Candy.  I was smack dab in the middle (age-wise) between her and her little sister so I got the joy of hanging out with both of them.  Years passed.  We moved.  We went to college.  We grew up.  Lost touch.  Basically, life happened.  Then one day, lo & behold, Facebook suggested a friend for me!  Ever since we’ve had a blast hanging out again, and Candy & her husband Brian have become regular patrons of SoftBox Media for their photo needs.  We did a sweet anniversary shoot for them, got them to model in a styled wedding photo shoot for us, and now (most importantly I might add) we got the privledge of capturing the first photos of their firstborn, baby Harrison! 

Shortly before Christmas, they came to us for the photo shoot when Harrison was just 5 days old!  I was incredibly honored and excited that they chose us to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments. 

Ok, really???  Aren’t they the most adorable little family?!

We nicknamed Brian “The Baby Whisperer” for his mad skills in soothing Harrison when he wasn’t so thrilled with our plans.

I’m pretty confident this is my favorite family portrait.  Ever.

Harrison was not a fan of the Christmas lights.  Maybe next year?

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