Alison Harper & Co: Style Magicians

Since it’s “slow” season for wedding photographers here in the lovely DC metro area, I’ve been busily working on my 2012 year in review, making sure all the archiving is squared away, etc. when I came upon these “Before and After” photos we did for Alison Harper & Company.

I first heard about Alison after noticing that all the brides I had who had used her hair & makeup services had styles that actually ended up lasting the entire day.  I was impressed.  There are a lot of beauty stylists out there, but only a few that really seem to know how to create looks that function in the real world on top of looking stellar!  After a while of working together, Alison went through a rebrand and asked if I would help her take some before and after pics for her website.  I immediately said yes!  It sounded like such fun (and it was)!

We spend the day with Alison’s entire team and photographed over a dozen girls first in their “plain Jane” au naturale state, then after the Alison Harper & Company stylists got a hold of them.  The result is proof positive that professional hair and makeup can make an amazing transformation!  A huge thank you goes out to all the ladies who modeled for the Before & Afters.  It was a fun day of getting pampered, but it’s no easy task to willingly take a photo without makeup!  LoL! 

Check out the photos below, then call Alison and book them for your next night out, event, or (the ultimate) your wedding!

PS:  Yours truly braved up and participated as well…eeek (last photo)!  If I ever win the lottery, you bet I’m having Alison do my hair and makeup just about every darn day!

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