St. Simon's Wedding at The King and Prince

One of the things I love about being a photographer is how I’m in a career that constantly changes and grows.  Imagery constantly needs to be new (as well as beautiful!)  in order to keep a captive audience.  Sometimes, we can get into our own ways and methods and shoot safely, instead of pushing boundaries and trying something new. 

So what is a self employed image maker to do to fix this?  I’ve found that second shooting for other photographers is invaluable.  It’s a way to step out of my routine.  With clients that are completely unknown to me.  I can be more objective.  I can play.  Most importantly, I can grow and try new things.  I am forever grateful to have found Kristi of Kristi Odom Photography.  Not only have I come to call her a dear friend, she’s a great “boss” to second shoot for, as well as a source of inspiration.

Recently, we traveled to a beautiful resort called The King and Prince on St. Simon’s Island, Georgia for the wedding of Jenn & Joe.  It was a chily (actually, freezing) day, and Jenn, Joe, and their bridal party were HUGE troopers to still insist on taking outdoor photos.  The landscape was so beautiful and varied, I’m glad they did!  We even got to go to an airplane hangar!  They were bummed the weather forced the ceremony inside, but The King and Prince offered a gorgeous room with a panorma overlooking the sea and the coolest aisle of petals I’ve ever seen!

Take a look at a few of my favorites!

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