A Capsriffic Engagement!

I just finished these photos and I was so excited I could hardly wait to post them (but maybe that’s just my Washington Capitals fan-dom coming through)!  When Jill and Chris said they wanted to do something realllly fun and Caps related at their engagement shoot, I remembered just the ticket; Slapshot! 

Now, the Slapshot appearance was quite the surprise to Jill and Chris.  We met in Georgetown and started taking some photos in the canal and wandered around until about the 1/2 way point of our shoot when I told them to switch into their Caps gear.  You wouldn’t believe MY surprise when Chris unknowingly pulled out a Slapshot jersey!  This was going to be perfect!  As I’m taking a couple photos in the jerseys I start to notice Chris really lighting up.  He nudged Jill and her jaw dropped and she exclaimed “No WAY!” as they saw Slapshot strutting up the street, waving.

Though our 20 minutes with Slapshot was brief, I’d say that we loved every minute of it!


Slapshot is a ladies bird.

Now time for the romantic stuff.  :-)

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