Lauren & Keith

You wouldn’t believe my excitement when Lauren, one of our sweetest brides, sent me a Facebook message about doing maternity photos!  Between the wedding planning process, the wedding itself (a stunning one at Veramar Vineyard), and then the post wedding photo & album design process, wedding photographers (or at least myself) tend to get attached to our clients.  We feel like we’ve seen this window into such an amazing time in their lives that you can’t help but root for your clients in all that they do.  That’s why it’s even that much more special when they come back!  

Without further ado, I’d like to show off some of the images we made of Lauren, Keith, and soon-to-be-here Eli! 

Pregnant is the new skinny!”  LoL!  Love Lauren’s sense of humor….isn’t she the cutest?!

Lauren & Keith informed me that Baby Eli will be the next big NFL quarterback.  Preferrably for the Baltmore Ravens.  Make a note for your future fantasy teams NFL fans!

I couldn’t stop laughing with this one…

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