Haper's Ferry, WV Egnagement: Jennie and Chris

Wow! Two higschool sweethearts found their way back together and are making it official! Jennie and Chris live three states away, but contacted me to take their engagement photos at Haper’s Ferry to commemorate not just their favorite spot to travel together, but also the spot where Chris proposed! I was honored to be chosen and had such a great time hiking around with these two laid back, sweet, and fun loving people. We found all sorts of amazing spots in the locks, perfectly blooming wildflowers (swoon!), and even picked up some pretty fun photobombers who were climbing out of the river after a full day of tubing. Too funny! One of the sweetest things about this session though was the cute fishing hook Jennie had made with the date they first got together. We hung her promise ring from way back then next to her engagement ring. I would love to add the wedding rings to that photo in the future!

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A Slideshow for Jess & Matt

I’ve been playing around with slideshows lately and came up with one for Jess & Matt’s GORGEOUS Spring wedding from Whitehall Manor. Check it out!

Justine & Mike's Arlington and DC Engagement

All good stories start with “So we decided to get an Uber…” right? Ha ha! Well this one certainly did! Justine & Mike knew they wanted to take photos around Iwo Jima (an homage to Mike’s service in the Marines) and take photos in D.C.(to commemorate living in one of their favorite cities) but they also knew it was kind of a pain to drive around (and park) in all the places they wanted to be so they suggested we all take an Uber. Quick, no parking woes, and we’d all be together. Brilliant idea but we didn’t count on the grand tour of D.C. that we’d get by a driver unfamilar with the area! It’s a good thing we budgeted some extra time before the sun went down!

Eventually, we made it to where we wanted to go and had a chance to focus on the photos. Mike warned me in our first meeting that he was absolutely not photogenic and hated having his photo taken. Justine wasn’t quite as admant about her feelings on being photographed, but like most people, she wasn’t the biggest fan either. Well, hopefully, after the whirlwind, hilarious, and fun time we had (and the beeeeautiful results!) I’ve changed their minds on having their photo taken. I enjoyed every second of their adventurous spirits (they were totally game for sneaking into the bushes for some “secret garden” inspired frames) and my heart was warmed by the sweet way they treated eachother. I can’t wait for the wedding!

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