Abby & Matt's Pittsburgh Wedding

Last August, I was honored to photograph the wedding of one of my dear college friend’s little sister, Abby, to her sweetheart Matt. Several years after college, my friend had moved to the DC area and his sister found herself in the DC area, too. Over the last few years, I’d wound up getting to know Abby a little bit more beacause we found out we all share a love of musician Matt Kearney and so we’d all end up going to concerts together. When the time came that Matt popped the question to Abby, I was all too happy to take on role of photographer!

The wedding was in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA at Abby’s childhood church with a reception at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott. Abby’s father had me positively in tears when she did a “first look” with him and he instantly burst into tears. The love this man has for his daughter is beyond words! Then Matt (who has always given me the impression of being a “man’s man”) had tears in his eyes when he saw Abby for the first time down the aisle (again, queue my own tears)!

After the ceremony we went to a cute little park for some photos, then braved the downtown traffic from both a baseball game and the annual regatta festival to head to Abby and Matt’s “secret spot” with an amazing view of the city. When we got back to the hotel, it was full on party time. Being huge music lovers, Abby and Matt’s reception was music themed. Her brother, Joe designed much of the music elements of the night from the “Billboard Top Album” chart that served as the seating chart, to the table numbers that were Abby and Matt’s favorite albums, to the party favors of a customized deck of cards. The love of music was everywhere! Abby and Matt even had their whole concert ticket collection saved and displayed! It was definitely a reception that truly let you know who they are as a couple. Take a peek below and leave them some love in the comments!

Floral Explosion at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

As I’m sitting here getting pounded with snow (more than 3 feet in the last day-ish) I can’t help but think back to one of my favorite Spring weddings ever! Sophie & Tyrone came to me through Leanne of Jewell Event Design and they told me their vision was a crazy floral explosion.


I’d never done a wedding with that sort of theme and I loved how they described how they just want to have fun with it. They wanted their guests to show up in nontraditional wedding wear—complete with whatever floral pattern they wanted. They wanted colors and vibrancy to take over the evening. I had no idea how they were going to pull it off, but I was certainly down for taking some fun, vibrant photos of it!

Well pull it off they did! Between Jewel Event Design and Sabia of The Painted Primrose and their helpers, they created a wild, awesome floral wonderland! The Denver Museum of Nature and Science was an awesome backdrop to support all the colors. It was so modern and the flowers so organic, it really just…well…it worked! Mother Nature also delivered with all of the blossoming trees as well.

The whole wedding day was so unique. The rooftop ceremony was absolutely stunning overlooking Denver and the front range and the reception was off the charts fun with a huge dance party and the evening complete with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream by special delivery from Tyrone’s dad, Jerry himself!

Check out the photos below and leave Sophie & Tyrone some love in the comments!

New Wedding Venue: Breckenridge Lodge by the Blue

Not long ago I got an email from a new wedding venue in Breck called Lodge by the Blue. They’re a lodge that’s been there for a while and known for their onsite restaurant The Myla Rose, but is just getting started taking advantage of their great location (unobstructed views on the mighty 14er Quandary Peak) and beginning to offer weddings. The good people there wanted to throw a styled shoot to show off the property and asked me to photograph. Of course, I was pumped to help them get on the map, plus, I’m always into new venues that are a stones throw from my house in Silverthorne! #SummitCountyWeddingsRock!

So along with the help of the talented Petal & Bean, Majestic Mountain Beauty, and Wendie Bass we got to work and had a fabulous afternoon. That day it decided to snow a BUNCH so we had “fun” dashing inside and out according to Mother Nature’s will. I still think my favorite photos of the day are of our cute couple getting absolutely PLASTERED by a massive snow squall that came out of nowhere (scroll down to see)!

It was all great fun and I can’t wait to see wedding season kick off at this new venue in the fabulous Breckenridge! Check out the photos below and leave some love in the comments.



Sarah & John's Mountaintop Vail Wedding Deck Celebration

Oh my gosh guys.

I’m having THE hardest time picking out all my favorites from Sarah & John’s wedding. There are so many beautiful moments I’m just going to have to spam your eyes with a ton of them!

The day started out like most Colorado summer days—gorgeous! Sarah and John got ready in their separate suites at Antlers in Vail. Then like most summer days in Colorado, Mother Nature decided to pull some rain pranks on us. Thankfully, the rain cleared for their adorable first look by the creek but a thunderstorm rolled in as we ran for cover in Vail Village while we waiting for the gondola to open back up. No worries though because despite the rain, there was still some gorgeous light to be found in the village!

Once we finally managed to get on a running gondola and make it to the top we had a blast taking photos! Sarah and John are so sweet with each other and were down for anything if it meant beautiful photos! Plus, Vail is nothing short of stunning. And with multiple bands of storms coming through, it was quite fun (and funny!) alternating dogdging the bands versus utilizing their dramatic beauty in the backdrops of the photos. Sarah and John made everyone’s life easy by taking everything in stride with a smile and adapting as we would run inside and go back out. Major kudos to them!

Thankfully, the rain cleared after their traditional tea ceremony just in time for their ceremony on the wedding deck. (And really…I dare you to find a prettier spot than the wedding deck at Vail!) The ceremony kicked off with two adorably stylish ring bearers and the most adorable flower girls carrying unicorn bubble guns (GENIUS!) and was filled with smiles, laughter, and love throughout.

Rain came (yes, again) after their ceremony during their cocktail hour but the universe had a gift for us. In the middle of their first dance a MASSIVE double rainbow appeared right on the mountain top. It was stunning! Sarah and John asked if we could go out and take photos and I was skeptical. Usually rainbows are extremely fleeting and very hard to photograph. Bright skies behind tend to wash out the colors. But, like any person with a brain I said “if we hurry, we can try!”

We ended up bolting down the stairs. And I mean bolting. Sarah deserves Bride of the Century as she not only ran down the stairs and outside but also down the mountainside in her high heels chasing these rainbows!

To my amazement, they were still there and still going strong. PLUS, the storm was sitting behind in the background keeping the sky darker so the colors were still insanely vibrant and amazing. We got in a bunch of photos and then we decided to chase it further down the mountain to get a view without chair lifts as well. STILL the rainbow was going strong. It was truly something special.

To top it all off, the stars were amazing that night and we were able to create an amazing Milky Way photo to end the evening.

What a truly blessed day!

Check out the rest of their photos below and leave some love in the comments!

Vendor Role Call:

Vail Wedding Deck - coordinator Courtney

Hair and Makeup - Bel Viso

Florist - Bec’s Blossoms

Cake - Cornerstone Chocolates & Confections

Music - On Cue Entertainment, Spinphony

DJ & Photobooth - All Star DJs

Kristin & Peter's Camp Hale Wedding

Kristin & Peter’s wedding was one for the history books, for sure! The day started out beautifully while they both got ready in the always stunning Vail village. We then headed up the pass to historic Camp Hale for the rest of the day’s festivities. Everyone was excited to watch their first look and take some photos as rainstorms were approaching FAST on the radar. If you know Colorado, you know that storms can strike quickly, especiallly at 10,000 feet in the middle of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains!

We had a blast with photos. Kristin and Peter have a beautiful, sweet kind of love that you can just tell by looking at them runs deep and true. With their friendship starting back in school at Colorado College and growing into real love over the years, they’ve formed an amazing bond that’s carried them all over the country. As a photographer, I had a great time exploring Camp Hale and photographing them all over. Everywhere you look is another beautiful view. Add two cute lovebirds and my job was bliss!

As we finished up photos with their (awesome) bridal party, it started to rain. We all ran for cover in the cabins and thankfully, the skies dried up as we approached ceremony time. Guests made the walk over the bridge to the little island where the ceremony would take place and anxiously awaited the start of the ceremony. The music started, the bridal party headed for the aisle and BOOM! Thunder. Rain. Wind.

In true Colorado style (after the initial squeals and shrieks from the guests) everyone grabbed their umbrellas and jackets and just laughed as the ceremony kept going! Later, I heard that despite being apart while staging for the ceremony, with heavy clounds looming overhead, both Peter & Kristin said “let’s do this!” when given the option to wait or move it indoors.

Although I’ve photographed many forms of crazy weather during a ceremony, this was a first of this kind of storm. Sideways rain. Wind so bad umbrellas were breaking everywhere. Thunder. Mother Nature was putting on quite a show! Plus, I got to practice my skills of holding  golf umbrella between my neck and shoulder while shooting, so that’s a new skill to add to the resume! Ha ha!

Peter & Kristin didn’t shy away from it one bit. They didn’t shorten their ceremony. They didn’t complain or cry like I often see happen with inclement weather situations. They laughed and smiled, took it all in, and joked about how this was one for the history books. It’s that kind of attitude that I admire and will certainly carry them far in their life together. It was a beautiful moment to watch them, happy through it all, surrounded by friends and family (also happy and laughing through it all).

It rained off and on the rest of the night but that didn’t stop anyone from having a blast. This crew knows how to party! Also…small, little known fact, Kristin is quite the performer. She grabbed the mic and serenaded the crowd with a cover of Salt-n-Peppa’s “Shoop”. It was awesome.

We ended the night with a fun photoshoot in the couple’s camper van. It’s a beloved part of their lives and at the wedding (when it wasn’t raining!) It functioned as a fun selfie booth. I was so happy the skies had cleared and some stars had come out for the grand finale.

Take a peek at the rest of the photos below and leave them some love in the comments!

Vendor Roll Call:

Planner: The Day Of

Venue: Camp Hale Weddings

Hair & Makeup: Breck Chopping Block

Floral: Reverie Floral

DJ: TH Entertainment

Catering: Vail Catering Concepts

Rentals: Alpine Party Rentals

Dessert: Rolling Pin Bake Shop