Morgan and Daniel's Bluemont Vineyard Wedding

Mogand and Daniel are two of the nicest, most down to earth people you could meet. Their wedding day was low key and relaxed and totally focused on spending quality time with their friends and family. They held it at Bluemont Winery, another one of my favorite Virginia vineyards (so much so they were the wine provider at MY wedding, as well!) and although the day was scorching hot, as soon started to go down it was gorgeous out and everyone enjoyed the beautiful outdoors AND indoors! They had a cocktail style reception with an awesome assortment of delicious sliders and sides to eat while everyone relaxed and caught up with one another.

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Maddie and Manoli's Stone Tower Winery Wedding

 I can’t even begin to tell you what a fun day Maddie and Manoli’s wedding was! This was a huge wedding and I had the honor of being there almost twice as long as I normally am, so lucky for you that means TONS of awesome photos!

We started out the day with the ladies getting ready. Maddies team of girls were awesome, adorable, and super supportive of her. Their reactions to her big reveal were so sweet and sincere and their excitement at spying on the first look was contagious! Speaking of first looks, Manoli’s  (usually a “guy’s guy”) reaction to seeing his gorgeous bride made me choke up, too! Then he did it again to me with tears in his eyes as she walked down the aisle of their Greek Orthodox ceremony. So sweet!

The couple and their friends definitely put the party in wedding party after the ceremony, starting off with a jam/karaoke session in the limo (so much fun to watch!) followed by just an amazingly fun dance party at the reception back at Stone Tower Winery. Stone Tower (one of my favorite wineries in Virginia) delivered on being an aweome place to host a wedding with an unrivialed location in beauty and, of course, delicious wine! Victoria from Perfect Detail Event Planning kept the night running smoothly and made sure everyone was having a great time.  Check out their photos below and leave them some love in the comments!

Cyndi & Ruth's Sapphire Point Wedding

I still can’t wipe the smile off my face from attending Cyndi & Ruth’s wedding at Sapphire Point the other week. Truly. These two just radiate joy and love and it’s absolutely infectious! They initially were planning a vacation until one day they thought, why not get married while they were at it? They both loved the area and as a longtime couple, it was much overdue in making it official.

I couldn’t be more happy for these two. From my time with them it’s clear they are each other’s rock as well as their one and only. I wish for all couples to have a love like theirs!

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Ashley & Eric's Self Affirmation Ceremony On Lake Dillon & Tenderfoot Mountain

When Ashley first contacted me to shoot photos of her and Eric’s self affirmation ceremony I was super excited. Self affirmation ceremonies are a little like unicorns in the wedding industry. It’s this fantastic idea that’s wholly romantic yet very elusive and rarely seen. I love the idea of two people coming together with literally nothing else mattering but their vows to eachother. No fuss. No huge expense. Just very personal and meaningful.

Given the levity of self affirmation ceremonies, the honor of photographing them isn’t lost on me. As the singular witness to this beautiful moment, the task to capture it faithfullly and beautifully falls soley on me. There’s no guest stories and memories of the day, just Ashley & Eric’s experience and my photos. I had an awesome time with these two hiking Tenderfoot Mountain in Dillon, Colorado to the spot they chose for this occasion. We journeyed through aspen groves and under towering lodgepole pines to get to the overlook with breathtaking 180 degree views from Keystone mountain, to the Tenmile Range, to Buffalo Mountain in Silverthorne.

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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Last year I had the opportunity to write about a company called Groovy Guy Gifts and how they have some really nice ideas for groomsmen gifts. (You can check out the post here!) Well, recently, I found out that they now have another division, Bridesmaid Gift Boutique, ALSO with some really sweet options and they sent me some to try out and share with you!

One thing I’ve seen a lot of in the last few years is the trend of a bride and her maids all getting ready in cute little matching robes. Although it’s been a trend, I see it as a new tradition forming. I truly don’t think it’s going anywhere. Not only does it make for great photos to have everyone “put together” in a pretty robe vs. in running shorts and tank tops, it’s a practical memento that can be used long after the wedding.

Bridesmaid Gift Boutique has an adorable box set (Yay! No having to go buy more giftwrap!) of a robe and tumbler called The Dazzling Duo. The set is customizable with different glitter/metallics and appliques, so you can match to your wedding theme or customize for each girl. I chose a classic navy and silver because as pretty as I think gold is…I’m just not a gold girl. The robe arrived and was super silky soft. They say one size fits most and as a NON petit person (I’m 5’ 8”) it fit well (with room to spare) and landed about 3ish inches below my fingertips. While I won’t be doing any cartwheels at that length, it was still long enough for me to feel that modesty was still in tact! I love the tumbler that came with it, too! (We all know how important it is to stay hydrated on wedding day!) BPA free and insulated it also comes with a reusable straw so I can feel good that I’m not contributing to some poor sea turtle getting a straw stuck up it’s nose (or worse) when a standard disposable straw gets thrown out. I also love that it fits a standard size cup holder so it’s easy to take with me in the car. The only thing to make the tumbler better would be if it were able to be thrown in the dishwasher. It’s not the end of the world, I already have several other tumblers that are hand wash only, but it would be a nice upgrade potentially in the future.

The gift box was beautiful and sturdy.

You can arrange the gifts how you like inside. They even gave me a tube of crinkle paper for some extra gift pizzaz. 

 The robe was quite pretty and soft. Win and win in my book!

The silver monogram applique felt of good quality and not in danger of peeling off in the first wash. It looked subtle but pretty in the silver.

If you think this gift would be perfect for your bridesmaids, go ahead and check out Bridesmaids Gift Boutique for this gift and many more!